Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that isn't in our FAQ or any concerns, reach out to Thank you!

What does rush consist of?

Rush (aka recruitment) will have five events so we can get to know you and you can get to know us!

There are coffee chats before formal rush begins, where you can sign up for a virtual 1-on-1 chat with an active member.

We begin rush with Info Night to give rush candidates a better understanding of BAP and formal introduction to Rush. There will be a presentation and then free time afterwards to network with BAP actives!

First Round Interviews: If invited, you will sign up for a slot and complete two short back-to-back interviews.

Social Night, if invited, is to connect with us on a fun and social level, and learn who you are as a person and to see you fit in the organization!

Final Round Interviews: If invited, you will complete one final interview that simulates a job interview.

What are the requirements for me to rush?

We ask that applicants attend the University of Illinois and have a GPA of 3.25 or higher (this requirement does not apply to freshman) - we are open to all majors, but applicants should have an interest in business.

If I do not receive a bid, am I allowed to rush again?

Absolutely! Many of our members have rushed 2+ times to receive a bid, so it is definitely possible!

Is rush in-person?

Yes! Except for our pre-rush virtual coffee chats, all of our events will be held in-person. 

What does a candidate semester mean?

Candidate semester is similar to “pledge” semester in other organizations. After accepting a bid to join the organization, candidates will experience the professional, philanthropy, and social pillars to build themselves as a business professional while immersing in the BAP family by the end of the semester!