Alumni Spotlight


Andrew Yoo

Andrew rushed BAP in Spring 2017 and is currently an Associate Marketing Manager at Quill/Staples! If he had all the money in the world, he would get settled in financially and make sure that his heirs will have decent lives focusing on the right things without the limitations of having to make money. He would also spend a significant sum on kitchen gear!

Andrew's favorite part of BAP was the general times when he was able to bond with different individuals in the organization in a deeper & more human way. Some of his closest life long friends are from BAP! 

Andrew's advice for the candidates is to figure out what really makes you happy. Find the right balance between what you want to do and what you are actually good at. His next step is to have a "happy wife, happy life" and to find purpose and meaning in life. He wishes to positively impact the people around him, leaving a legacy for himself.


Thomas Wei

Thomas currently works for the IT Risk Advisory department in Grant Thornton in Chicago. If he had all the money in the world, he would donate half to charity fighting to end world hunger and would take whatever is left and pay off outstanding debt his family owes and also use the rest to travel around the world! 

Thomas's favorite part of BAP was hanging with his families under Fanny, Eric and Belinda, Andrew. His dream job is getting paid to just travel and maybe become a YouTuber. He is slowly building up enough money for this to happen, as well as to starting to make bigger purchases such as a new house and a car.

Thomas's advice for the candidates is to “not stress too much and enjoy your time in college while it lasts. You'll have plenty of time to stress out when you join the full-time working world”.


Alexa Buss

Alexa rushed BAP in Fall 2016 and currently works in Vanguard as part of the Emerging Leader Development Program while studying for the CFP. After a few years in the financial services industry, she wishes to open her own Financial Planning shop in Chicago and help with their financial planning needs!

Alexa's favorite part of BAP was going to St. Louis! If she had all the money in the world, she would max out all retirement vehicles and give the rest to the society

"As a former VP Membership, get your hours!!" She highly recommends maintaining a position within the organization, either informally or formally. While you may have other obligations outside BAP, holding a leadership position of any sort not only credentializes yourself but also gives you valuable experiences that you can draw from in your professional career!


Cammy Zhou

Cammy graduated in May 2018 and is part of the Fall 2016 Rush class. Cammy currently works in Protiviti in downtown Chicago. If she had all the money in the world, she would travel and eat her way around the world. She also wishes to live in a different state and/or country!

Cammy's favorite part of BAP was the Apartment Crawl during her first semester. She found it really fun and a great way to start getting to know other members.

Cammy's advice for current on-campus members would be to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves because you never know where they may lead you!

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Chloe Kim

Chloe currently works in the Advisory practice at Deloitte in the New York Office. She wishes to help underprivileged young people to provide them with education.

Chloe's favorite part of BAP was her time as VP Membership in 2015."Building our own class was super fun and has taught me a lot about leadership": She wishes to use this expertise and experience for a bigger social cause later in her life.

Chloe's advice for the candidates is to use this time wisely to think about what you like to do and where you want to be before jumping into recruiting. Try out different RSOs and internships and talk to many people in different professions!

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Nick Austin

Nick is part of Spring 2016 rush class and is currently working at Bain & Company.

Nick's favorite memory of BAP is probably going on a trip to Iceland on a spring break with friends that he met through BAP.

Nick's advice to everyone is to make the most of your time on campus as there are so many resources and people with different backgrounds that you are exposed to. If Nick had all the money in the world, he would like to travel to Italy and Spain and would love to open a school for in-need communities to help with education inequality

Nick is also considering pursing an MBA at some point in the future, because it can be a great way to gain more experience and make a necessary career pivot later on in his career

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Casey Walker

Casey is part of the Fall 2015 rush class and is currently working at 3M.

Casey's favorite memory of BAP was working with different mentors and mentees throughout his time in BAP. Casey's advice to everyone is to take advantage of mentor/mentee relationships whether that be in BAP or other organizations/companies!

Casey's next steps in life are to go back to school to get a master's degree and possibly a PhD.

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Maria Daniel

Maria is part of the Fall 2015 rush class and is currently working at KPMG in Audit and TMT (Technology Media, Telecommunications).

Maria's favorite memory of BAP was apartment crawl at the beginning of each semester as we get to welcome new candidates.

Maria's advice to everyone is to ask lots of questions because that is the best way to learn about different career paths and decide which one sounds the best for you

Maria's unsure about the next steps in her life as she is still learning about lots of opportunities in KPMG such as recruiting, technology innovation and rotations into advisory associate positions, but no matter which path she takes, she is excited for what comes next in her career!

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Monica Chen

Monica is part of the Spring 2015 rush class and is currently working at KPMG in Deal Advisory.

Monica's favorite memory of BAP was the secret Santa gift exchange when every member of her family showed up! In total, there were 15 people that participated. Monica stated that people's willingness to commit to the event really made BAP feel like a family. Especially since it's hard to organize family events with a lot of people, she was honestly just so happy that people came.

Monica's advice to the candidates is to build your network! Leverage alumni to get inside knowledge about your future jobs or all the cool places to move to in Chicago. Alumni can connect you guys to opportunities you might not have known existed. All you have to do is reach out and show your interest!


Spandana Mantravadi

Spandana is part of the Spring 2013 rush class and is currently working at LendingClub in Compliance and Risk group.

Spandana's favorite memory of BAP was when she was a grad student and all of her friends in BAP were studying for the CPA together. They would meet at the union every evening and study there until it closed. The jokes and the laughs that they shared with them became a college memory that she can always reflect upon and just feel happy.

Spandana's advice to current members is to enjoy more and worry less. Try not to get too caught up with finding the perfect job. We only get one chance to do college, while it is important to focus on our career goals, it is also important find a little time to have fun. Life is all about balance!


Adam Woodside

Adam rushed BAP in Fall 2016 and is currently working at Deloitte in Financial Risk, Transactions, & Restructuring within the Advisory practice!

Adam's favorite memory of BAP was from the time BAP was traveling with members of his rush class! Two of the highlights were when he went and visited two members in Italy while they were studying abroad and a group of them spent a weekend in Nashville together!

Adam's advice to current members is to try and learn something new every day. He says that although it seems easy, we often get caught up trying to be perfect and improve on things we already know. That's definitely important. but make a concerted effort to learn something new each day!


Adam Lawal

Adam is part of the Spring 2015 rush class and is currently working at KPMG in their Deal Advisory practice. One thing that Adam wants to do in life is to create a positive impact on the lives of millions of people!

Adam has a lot of favorite memories of BAP but some of his favorites were BAP paintball, semi-formal event, and the "Lawal” crawl. If Adam had all the money in the world, he would like to try solve the most challenging world problems.

Adam's advice to current members is don't be afraid to take risks especially when you're still young! It is important to pursue your true passion and make sure you strive to be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be!

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Leo Bekerman

Our first alumni spotlight is Leo! Leo is part of the Fall 2013 rush class and is currently working at ZS Associates as a Strategy Insights and Planning Associate Consultant. Leo has been apart of ZS Associates since graduating in December of 2014.

Leo's favorite memory from BAP was prepping for consulting case interviews with other BAPers! He says that balancing all the responsibilities of being a student was not easy but having friends to commiserate with made the journey that much more rewarding!

Leo's advice to current members is to minimize your time on core academics and instead invest extra time in your extracurriculars or take classes you are thrilled about. Also, he say to do informational interviews as a way to explore a job or company you are interested in!