Introducing Our Executive Board!

Towards the end of the Fall 2018 semester, the active body came together to vote on the new executive board for the 2019 academic year. After much deliberation, we are excited to present to you our newly elected executive board!

President: Josie Moy

"I am excited to get to know all the candidates and watch them grow throughout the semester and work together with the 3 pillars to put on creative events! I'm also excited to work with the whole executive board and our directors to make this a meaningful semester for all members of BAP!

VP Social: Yaros Ekimtcov

“I am looking forward to seeing how our organization grows, and how the new initiatives we have planned benefit BAP! Also, I am pumped to see how our new candidate class develops into the strong foundation of our honor society. As for my position, I want to introduce a lot of new events, while also keeping traditions going in order to make sure everyone in BAP is included and can have the most fun possible!"

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 11.55.32 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 11.55.35 PM.png

VP Corporate Relations: Yuval Kushnirsky

"I am excited about getting to know all the candidates and being involved through the family system as The Uncle. Within my role as VP Corporate Relations, I am excited about strengthening BAP’s relationship with our current and prospective companies!"

VP Philanthropy: Rachel Salgado

"This semester I am super excited to get to know the candidates along with the actives through our fam events! With Philanthropy, I am looking forward to seeing how much our chapter can raise for the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club since this is the first time we have done a semester-long fundraiser. So far we've been making amazing progress and I have been so impressed by how much our chapter has given back!"

VP Marketing: Jimmy Jung

“As VP Marketing, I'm excited to increase our branding and exposure to prospective students along with our presence within the Gies College of Business! I’m also excited to get to know the new candidate class and see them grow both professionally and personally during their candidate semester!”

VP Membership: Jaena Kim

"I'm most excited to see how BAP will grow this upcoming semester -- the exec board is working hard to encourage an environment where actives and candidates not only develop meaningful relationship, but grow as the next future leaders of the organization. I personally gained a lot from the organization, and so I'm here to make sure everyone has the same meaningful experience that I had both socially and professionally. When I was a candidate, I realized that the moment I got into BAP my connection to BAP will always be there. It's a lot of work, but I'm excited to be a part of the process to cultivate BAP into an organization that members are proud to be a part of!"

VP Communication: Daniel Kim

"As VP Communication, I look forward to improve on miscommunications that may have happened last year and just keep moving on and being consistent every week. As an exec board member, I really wish to help others succeed and achieve their goals! Classes end in May but relationships don’t expire and I wish to renew them every time I get a chance! This not only applies to actives but also the alumni who’s contributed so much throughout the years and would love to keep maintaining contact even after my role as Director of Alumni Relations last semester".

VP Finance: Felicia Huang

"In regards to this semester, I am really looking forward to meeting all the candidates. As Vice-President of Finance, I am also working with the rest of the executive board to plan for some fun events in the next couple of weeks. More specifically, I am looking forward to all the events in April/May with initiation and graduation coming up. Additionally, it is crazy to think that I was going through the same rush process just over a year ago. Thus, looking months ahead, I am excited about the next rush season. It's great to see the enthusiasm people have during the entire process."

We wish our new executive board the best of luck and are we are excited to see the impact they make on our organization!