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Chair positions

Besides executive and director positions, BAP also offers other types of leadership positions such as chair positions and family coordinators which help manage our organization internally.

Recruitment Chairs

Recruitment chairs help with the rush season.

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Service Chairs 

Service Chairs plan and assist events with VP Philanthropy to promote giving back to the community amongst the members. 

Headshot - Kaia Hsu.png

Kaia Hsu

BFB0D6BE-D01B-4571-9241-91BC76C25E24 - Michael Corrales.jpeg

Michael Corrales


Sydney Wei

Sports and Wellness Chairs

Sports and Wellness Chairs help strengthen bonds within the chapter by promoting physical activity and creating mental health awareness events. 

justin .jpeg

Justin Kam


Ryan Baugher

Media Chairs

Media Chairs implement social media marketing strategies for rush and throughout the semester to showcase our organization both internally and externally which includes working on BAP's Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 


Abby Cabrera


Kristine Chung


Megyn Koswara

Graphic Design Chairs

Graphic Design Chair assists overall marketing of the organization during rush and throughout the semester, including designing rush materials, promotional flyers for upcoming events, and BAP apparel.


Abby Cabrera


Eunice Chang

DEI Chair

DEI Chair promotes and ensures a welcoming and inclusive culture within the BAP family.

JED02320 - Meghana Koneru.jpg

Meghana Koneru

National Chapter Relations Chair

National Chapter Relations Chair focuses on strengthening the ties between our Chapter and the National BAP Chapter.


Harsha Venkatnarayan

Newsletter Chair

Newsletter Chair assists in creating content for the internal newsletter.


Ethan Wang

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