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Chair positions

Besides executive and director positions, BAP also offers other types of leadership positions such as chair positions and family coordinators which help manage our organization internally.

Recruitment Chairs

Recruitment chairs help with the rush season.

Service Chairs 

Service Chairs plan and assist events with VP Philanthropy to promote giving back to the community amongst the members. 

Rhea Bhardwaj Headshot jpg - Rhea Bhardwaj.jpg

Rhea Bhardwaj

headshotBAP - Kayla Chen.JPG

Kayla Chen

Sports and Wellness Chairs

Sports and Wellness Chairs help strengthen bonds within the chapter by promoting physical activity and creating mental health awareness events. 

19C31244-9557-451F-B337-4B8CF2730D23 - Paul Cho.jpeg

Paul Cho

DSC01985 - Daniel Volpe.jpeg

Daniel Volpe

DSC01895 - Mustafa El Zayyat.jpeg

Mustafa El Zayyat

Media Chairs

Media Chairs implement social media marketing strategies to showcase our organization on various platforms, both internally and externally. 

DSC01803 (1) - Karolina Olechna.jpg

Karolina Olechna

DSC01619 (1) - Manasi Patel.jpg

Manasi Patel

Cultural Chair

Cultural Chair promotes and ensures a welcoming and inclusive culture within the BAP family.

DSC01677 - Maya Santhanam.jpg

Maya Santhanam

National chapter relations chair

The National Chapter Relation Chair leads initiatives to strengthen ties between our Chapter and the National BAP chapter. 

AlagabanHeadshot - Diane Alagaban.jpg

Diane Alagaban

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